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When people don’t hold the elevator for me

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Sophie Roach (b.1988) is an artist and illustrator based in Austin, TX. By utilizing familiar shapes, patterns and her intuition, Sophie has created a unique visual language based on spontaneity and rhythm. Her abstract style is playful yet austere, extremely detailed, and often vibrantly colored.

I draw all the time and sometimes I hang the results on a wall and sometimes they’re applied to a product or, in one case, a double decker bus. I started doodling casually in my college classes about four years ago, but I didn’t take drawing very seriously until I hit a sweet spot in January of 2012. After six months of post-graduation floundering, I found my thing (my passion, or whatever) and a direction.

I’m always paying close attention to the world around me, recognizing patterns, then encrypting them with the family of motifs that I’ve created. The more I change up the world around me through travel and experience, the more I tend to come up with when I’m back at my drawing table. 

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Nuria Riazza

Piedra, Papel, Tijeras



cats are assholes


cats are assholes

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Tomohiro Takagi


Tomohiro Takagi

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